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"See what all our of our customers are saying about us!

"So delicious and easy to prepare!”

- Laura. R

"My family and I are very big fans of your array of products!" 

- Jennifer C. Eustis, FL

shrimpy megaphone-02.png

"We finally bought some burgers yesterday and today for dinner. Excellent!! Seriously good and easy. Great product. Will stock the freezer!”
- Gary C. FL.

"I found these Shrimp Burgers in Publix about 1 month ago and I am obsessed! This is one of the best things I have ever eaten. I tell everyone about them. Thank you sooo  much keep it up!”

- Karen K. Delray FL.

"I recently found his new products at Publix and we enjoyed a wonderful feast last night!! Chardonnay & the BIG LITTLE SHRIMP CO. Seriously friends, find these at your local Publix and give them a try."

- Joanne S.

"We’re sold!! Tasted samples at Norman Brothers and bought 2 packs! Made shrimp burgers on buns with onion lettuce and tomato. Texture and taste are perfect! So fresh!!"

- Lisa M. Miami, FL.

"I want to thank you for making such a FANTASTIC product! I have never had a better shrimp burger in my life! Incredibly delicious, healthy and sustainable product. You have a customer for LIFE and I cannot wait to share this information with all of my friends and family. THANK YOU AGAIN!"

- Suzanne S. Ft.Lauderdale

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