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Chef Dennis' Mignonette Sauce

I recently had the pleasure of having a good friend (Also a Dennis! two "N's" however) Chef Dennis Ferrell stop by our kitchen, where we cooked up some delicious mignonette sauce to dip those Wild Shrimpetizers® in. Chef Dennis gives his own spin on this classic, with flavors from citrus & herbs' natural oils. -Capt. Denis Chef Dennis' tips: - This sauce is very versatile! you can experiment with different herbs and zests! - Finely chop the herbs and grind/crack the pepper to release their natural essential oils for best flavor! - Experiment with different sweeteners. Vinegar may be harsh for some. Honey or Sugar will offset the bitterness.


• Sherry Wine Vinegar (we recommend O-Olive Oil) • White Wine Vinegar (optional!) • Fresh peppercorns

• 1 shallot • Fresh Orange (or citrus of choice) for zest • Fresh Thyme

• Sugar (or honey) as sweetner. Finely mince one shallot, then mix in 1/4 cup of Sherry Wine Vinegar to the bowl. If you're including the white wine vinegar like in our video below, mix in approx. 3 teaspoons in. Crack or Grind the fresh peppercorns and keep it coarse. Toss into the mix. Zest or julienne the citrus peel into the bowl, then add a small amount of sweetener of choice. (optional!) Mix in (finely) freshly chopped thyme. Whisk well, and Serve!

Follow Along with Chef Dennis and Capt. Denis as they prepare!

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