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With more then 37 years' experience in the seafood business Capt' Denis has a passion  for creating products high in protein, lower in carbs, and bursting with flavor.
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As kids, he and his brothers would ride their bikes to the Snapper Creek Bridge armed with long-handled dip-nets on the night of the full moon. Hanging a gas lantern on a freshly cut bamboo pole to illuminate the creek waters. Soon the boys’ nets were flying, and their little plastic cooler was brimming with fresh shrimp.

Come morning, Grandma would call them to the kitchen to help clean & sort their catch. Grandma always picked the smallest shrimps. She told the boys they were the sweetest and tastiest of all!

Denis now honors his Grandmother by recreating her wonderful shrimp recipes. Quality ingredients were important to Her and they are important to us too!  We know she'd be proud!

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